The Lethbridge Fluoride Fight: A new shot fired from the sensible side but expect a return salvo!

A great letter has appeared this morning in the Lethbridge Herald, cautioning against the very vocal attempts of some folks around here to end the fluoridation of drinking water. Van E. Christou writes (Here’s Hoping Reason Prevails on Fluoride Issue, Sept 21):

My opinion on the merits of fluoridation is based in part upon my personal three-year post-doctoral involvement in fluoride research at the University of Rochester. There is no doubt in my mind that not only has this been the most thoroughly researched public health measure of all time but even more importantly, we have had sufficient time since 1950 to assess its value in countless communities around the world.

In that span of time there has been a dramatic reduction of dental decay in communities adopting fluoridation. Furthermore, it has been found that the entire human skeletal system benefits in reduced osterporosis. There has not been even a hint of negative effects from this efficient and relatively inexpensive public health measure.

Fluoridation of public water supplies involves either raising the level of fluoride ions in the water to 0.9 parts to a million parts of water, or in communities testing naturally occurring high levels, it requires lowering the level to 0.9 parts per million. (Some water supplies in southern Alberta have been found to have as much as 30 parts of fluoride ions per million parts of water since long before fluoridation was conceived with no ill effects on people other than mottling of the teeth.)

You can read the rest of the letter at the link above. Mr Christou indicates that he was championing the fluoridation of water in Lethbridge some 60 years ago. It must be depressing to see his hard work challenged by the very vocal group of conspiracy theorists who have been trying to get us avoid having our rights and bodies purportedly slaughtered on the altar of an evil plot.

From Wikipedia:   "At the Sign of the UNHOLY THREE", a flier first issued in 1955 to promote mental hygiene as a communist goal to destroy the U.S.A. "No copyright records relevant to "At the Sign of the UNHOLY THREE", "B. Smart", or "Keep America Committee" can be found at the US Copyrights Office. No copyright notice is visible on the flyer.)"

From Wikipedia

 “‘At the Sign of the UNHOLY THREE’, a flier first issued in 1955 to promote mental hygiene as a communist goal to destroy the U.S.A.”  Image from Wikipedia. “No copyright records relevant to “At the Sign of the UNHOLY THREE”, “B. Smart”, or “Keep America Committee” can be found at the US Copyrights Office. No copyright notice is visible on the flyer.)”


Some of the earlier letters to the Herald: Please note, the Herald allows only limited free access to local news, letters etc. (13 free articles per calendar month, or something like that).

Sept 19: “Pro Fluoridation Arguements Outdated“:

Residents, on a large scale, are unaware that fluoride can cause whole body health problems, such as dental and skeletal fluorosis, brittle bones, arthritis, kidney damage, pineal and thyroid gland impairment. Is it a wonder why then in the last three or so years over 25 communities in Canada have rejected fluoridation? I would advise some research be done on the matter. Canada may be an advanced country in many ways, but forced medication through use of a toxic industrial waste product “hydrofluorosilicic acid” to treat water is surely not one of them.

At the time of writing this post, there have been 29 comments, some very long.

Sept. 18  “Dental Hygienists Support Fluoridation“:

The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) represents more than 17,000 registered dental hygienists across Canada, including 123 dental hygienists who live in the city of Lethbridge and surrounding area. Our 2011 position statement on Community Water Fluoridation reaffirmed support of community water fluoridation. The following is an excerpt from our position statement:


1. Endorses the use of fluoride as an important oral health promotion and disease prevention approach;

2. Recommends that water fluoridation be maintained and extended to additional communities where feasible;

Community water fluoridation has been called one of the top 10 most significant breakthroughs in public health of the 20th century (Center for Disease Control 2011 Fluoridation Fact Sheet, (


Sept. 10 “Fluoridation has helped improve public health“, by Dr. Gerry Uswak, President, Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry:

 We recognize the benefits of community water fluoridation and, based on this current evidence, recommend it as a safe, effective and economical public health measure and have outlined such in our Water Fluoridation Position Statement: http// Water fluoridation generates the most difference in communities with high rates of tooth decay. In addition, community water fluoridation is indispensible when it comes to improving the oral health of disadvantaged populations.

Leading the charge against reason is an outfit called “Fluoride Free Lethbridge” who will sell you signs for your lawn, T-shirts, and other assorted stuff. Most interesting on their site is a page called “An Urgent Appeal” by a certain Victor Hafichuk. It’s worth a quote or two.

To All Citizens in Lethbridge and Surrounding Areas Concerning Water Fluoridation

Let it be known I now speak not in the name of Fluoride Free Lethbridge, or in my own name, but in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the movement to stop fluoridation, it’s been advised by many to be tactful and respectful in our attempts to have fluoride removed by the authorities – in other words, to be politically correct. In essence, it is said that if the truth is told, we will appear extreme and fanatical…

Indeed, the Scriptures of God declare, “In being slow to anger a ruler is won over, and a soft tongue breaks the bone” (Proverbs 25:15 MKJV). However, it’s time to say what needs to be said. Enough is enough.

You all need to know, with all assurance, that I bear no personal enmity against anyone, not any city councilor, medical authority, or any other. But I will tell you all where you stand before God now in this issue of fluoridation.

You doctors and dentists, proud white coats, you will all pay for your negligence, your willful ignorance and for the hurt you cause to many by your presumption, arrogance and utter disregard for the real facts. You will pay dearly, in conscience and in all good things from above. You will not escape.

God is finished winking at your careless and evil ways. He will not excuse your irresponsible posturing and behavior. He will not forgive you for your cover up. He gave you your authority with people, but in supporting fluoridation and other evil practices, you abuse your privilege, offending Heaven.

 Yup, against the corrupt profiteering of Big Tooth  stands Victor the Prophet. “You proud white coats”. Rather profound isn’t it?

Fluoride Free Lethbridge will be attending the “Word on the Street” event on Sunday, Sept. 22 (11:00 AM -5:00 PM at the Lethbridge Public LIbrary’s and the Bowman’s Art Center downtown. They say they will have an information booth set up and gathering names on a petition.

They will also be present at the upcoming forums for local election candidates.

Let’s hope that Mr. Christou’s hard work in decades past is not totally undone by those following pseudo-science and prophecy.

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