Pro-fluoride Petition planned

A new Facebook group, tentatively called Fluoride for Lethbridge, has announced plans to organize a petition in support of continuing the current fluoridation of water in Lethbridge. Given the amount of mail and comments in the Lethbridge Herald and their website, it looks like fluoridation will be a major campaign issue, even if some of the candidates may wish it otherwise. Yet, the anti-fluoride fanatics keep pushing the issue, and have convinced a number of otherwise sensible people to join in their paranoia. If you are interested in supporting a low cost dental health program and keep pseudo-science out of public policy, drop by the site and once the petition is ready, sign it and share it!

Here’s a link to a Scientific American article on Portland Oregon’s decision not to fluoridate water the article debunks a number of points  the fluoride conspiracy theorists make: Why Portland is Wrong about Water Fluoridation (May 22, 2013).

It is worth reading the full article but here is a good sample of it:

 But it isn’t. The fear of fluoride follows the same playbook for mischaracterizing chemicals. First, the chemical is labeled “toxic,” but it isn’t mentioned that everything is toxic in the appropriate amounts. Advil and Tylenol are toxic at high enough concentrations, as is water. Many chemicals are harmless within a range of toxicity, and many are beneficial up to certain point. Next, the chemical’s dangerous effects at massive concentrations are stated. But 1/100 or 1/10 of an ounce of fluoride would never be in a glass of tap water in a regulated area—indeed, you are much more likely to find dangerously high levels of fluoride in unregulated water supplies. One part-per-million is the recommended dose, and so one ion floats among a million water molecules. What happens at higher doses can be terrible, which is precisely why you won’t find those levels in regulated water supplies.

The final effort is to link the chemical to other scary things that contain it. This may come as a surprise, but it shouldn’t scare you—your body produces formaldehyde. It does so naturally, but the chemical doesn’t damage or kill you. It’s all about the dose; it makes the poison. Just as a natural amount of formaldehyde in your body isn’t a cause for alarm, neither is a regulated, and proven beneficial, amount of fluoride in your water.

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