Legend of the Ztarr: Skeptical themed Manga launched

Canadian Manga artist Sara E. Mayhew announced on the 27th that she is launching a Manga  epic. Complete with swords, sandals and skepticism, the series is hoping for a hardcopy of the first volume and a full e-book. She is looking for support for the project on  Legend of the Ztarr Kickstarter.

Legends of Ztarr

Image reduced from desktop wallpaper available from http://www.legendoftheztarr.com

Here is what she has to say over at Skeptic North:

Over the years, I’ve spoken at TED, TAM, and skeptical events about the power of using storytelling–comics, TV, movies, books–to promote science-based thinking and secular humanist values. Audiences can become emotionally invested in characters of a work, and if those characters are skeptic role models, we can get people to connect to the importance of critical thinking.

To make Legend of the Ztarr Volume 1 possible, I need your help to spread the word about this unique series. Those who back $25 will be getting a copy of the book plus an exclusive Legend of the Ztarr bookmark that I’m drawing especially for the Kickstarter campaign. Bigger rewards include cool things like being drawn as a background character or even a minor role character right into the story itself!


Anyway, if you could lend a hand, you’d be helping a struggling Canadian artist and skeptic! You can visit her blog here.

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