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Fooling with Numbers: The Anti-Fluoridation Campaign

What would you say if someone told you that you are putting your family at risk of almost certain death because a known highly toxic poison comes out of the exhaust pipe of your car, and that riding in the car will reduce children’s intelligence because there is lead in the car battery? You’d say the concentration is very low, and the evidence of deadly toxicity comes from studies with much higher concentrations, so it […]


We Believe Different Things Entirely

Martin VanPopta says on the Pro-Fluoride Lethbridge facebook page: Oh Maggie, surely you must understand we believe different things entirely. I believe you are wrong, and that I am right. I am not patronizing you. I think Martin is on to something here. My estimation in looking through FB pages and the pages of the Lethbridge Herald, is that the differences are fundamentally not about whether water fluoridation represents mass poisoning and forced mass medication, […]