Evil Fluoride Conspiracy Questioned!

A new letter in the Lethbridge Herald has thrown open the question over the scope of the Evil Fluoride Conspiracy:

It is comforting to know that the truth about toxic fluoride is being publicized by yard signs, flyers, letters to The Herald (A. Crook, Sept. 19; T. Hall, Sept. 22), and numerous online comments on The Herald’s website. Now, I’m as sensible as the next guy, and a patriotic disbeliever in everything we’re told by medical and scientific “experts” (who claim this title only because of their education and not that they truly know anything), but could someone tell me how the heck Big Fluoride has been covering up the horrific effects of forced fluoridation on whole populations?

Most people in Alberta have been drinking fluoridated water for decades, including yours truly. Why does the media report on mere dozens or hundreds killed in far away wars and not the tens of thousands who must be dying from fluoride right here at home? It should seem obvious that the claimed health-care backlog is actually due to fluoride poisoning and that doctors are being paid by Big Fluoride cover it up with false diagnoses of the flu, bicycle accidents, not eating enough (non-organic, industrially-unblemished) rutabagas and such like. I don’t mean to frighten anyone, but shouldn’t you be more suspicious? Have you been lied to?

What is the dental-industrial complex doing with all the acutely ill sufferers? Do they get whisked away to some (.9 parts per million) concentration camp to hide them from second opinions sought by desperate loved ones who will stop at nothing to get a truthful answer? Or has the conspiracy been so successful that there isn’t a single honest doctor left anymore? Why don’t we notice people dropping dead on the street after sipping a coffee made with local water? It must be some kind of mind control drug they slip in with the fluoride, chlorine and God knows what else. How deep this conspiracy must go!

These are the kinds of issues I’m going to ask that the candidates in the upcoming election address and you should ask, too.

James Linville


Yes, we must ask.


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