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Welcome to the Official Blog of the unofficial

Lethbridge District Skeptics

This is the new online home for the LDS, champions of real science, evidence based decision making, woo-debunking, and secularism in Lethbridge, Alberta. We are dedicated to challenging pseudo-science (e.g., global warming denial, anti-vaccine, anti-fluoride, advocacy, creationism), government interference in scientific research, institutionalized religious privilege, general anti-intellectualism, and whatever else gets our goat of the day.

Shh... I'm busy sciencing

This blog was launched in mid-September 2013 to provide more visibility to the thoughts and musings being exchanged on an email list of the same name hosted at the University of Lethbridge. The original email list is made up of  faculty and students at the U of L along with some non-university folk. Administrators of the list are John Vokey, who started and named it, and Jim Linville, to whom the sacred password was passed, to make sure that there was always someone to approve new members or delete spam. They are also the chief conspirators of this blog along with Mary Linville, who did all the work setting it up and will keep it running until Jim breaks it.

The LDS is not a club or society or in any way a formally organized group; we don’t hold meetings, we don’t pay dues, we don’t have a membership list, and you won’t get a tax break if you send us money but don’t let that stop you. Email us if you want to join, and have the results of your most recent brain-scan handy.

To contribute a post, please contact the administrators. You will assume all responsibility for the content of your post but do try not to open us up to lawsuits all the same.

To comment, please register. There is no vetting process, so your comments should be posted right away.