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New Paranormal Investigation group

Someone brought this item to my attention: Apparently a paranormal investigation group is forming, headquartered in Monarch AB. I notice that they are looking for people “with knowledge in the research aspect”. I bet one or more of you would fit the bill and would have some great stories to tell at the end of it.


We Believe Different Things Entirely

Martin VanPopta says on the Pro-Fluoride Lethbridge facebook page: Oh Maggie, surely you must understand we believe different things entirely. I believe you are wrong, and that I am right. I am not patronizing you. I think Martin is on to something here. My estimation in looking through FB pages and the pages of the Lethbridge Herald, is that the differences are fundamentally not about whether water fluoridation represents mass poisoning and forced mass medication, […]


Draft Manual for Preventing Adverse Effects from Evidence

From time to time people make big discoveries while surfing the web. For example, I have stumbled upon the provocative ideas that global warming is not real (or at least is not related to human activities in any important way), vaccination causes autism, the world is only 6,000 years old, condensation trails from aircraft are really a method to manipulate weather patterns, and that people are adding fluoride to drinking water in order to poison […]